Additional product information
Quality 95%Cotton 5%Ea
Width Size 128
Date available in stock 01 sep 2019

Samples for fabrics and promotion

All are made in Jersey quality

Size 128

This samples is only for sale together with the fabric, article numbers of the fabric are the numbers without the text

All models will be delivered August-September, patterns are also available on our webshop under patterns supernova


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14222FT-11 14222FT-11 View
14222FT-11-A 14222FT-11-A View
14222FT-11-B 14222FT-11-B View
14222FT-11-C 14222FT-11-C View
14222FT-15-A 14222FT-15-A View
14222FT-15-C 14222FT-15-C View